Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why I Hate Christmas

     I absolutely hate Christmas. Now, before you say anything negative about my negative statement, hear me out. I only hate what Christmas has become. It's supposed to be about one thing, I'm not going to bring religion into this, but everyone has made it out to be very greedy. Yes, everyone is buying presents for others, but there is no real heart behind it anymore. They buy them because they feel like they have to because that is what society tells them that they have to do. *Takes a breath* That was a mouth full.

     Being a person that obviously grew up celebrating Christmas, I've become more bitter each year about it. There is the whole "What do you want?" question. Me? I want nothing. If you're going to give me a gift, give me one at random and from the heart. Don't give me a gift because it's what we're "supposed" to do. Then there is the whole "What do I get that person?!" question we all ask ourselves. Everyone puts themselves under so much stress trying to find a present for each of their friends and family. Not only that but it puts everyone in debt. Well, the people that can't afford it. Face it, no one really saves up a fund all year just for this day. They blow their money last minute and then can't pay for bills because they bought their kid a $99.99 North Face jacket just because that's what "everybody" is wearing.

     That $100.00 could of bought food for people on the street that NEED a home and need food. Christmas has become less about giving back and more about buying expensive things and "What did you get for Christmas?!" Comparing prices of items and seeing who has the most. If you really want to feel like you're giving a gift, do something for someone that has NOTHING. Giving your spoiled rotten kid the new iPhone because the new one that came out a month ago has already been replaced by a new "upgraded" model, isn't giving back. It's teaching your kids to be spoiled. Most kids throw down their iPad after a few months or never touches the xbox game you bought them.

     I remember every Thanksgiving and Christmas my parents would invite a homeless lady named Jacky into our home and give her family love, a present (usually clothes or something she could actually use and need), and food. We couldn't give her a home but she didn't care. She was grateful for what we did do. That's what we as a society should be doing. Actually giving back to others.

     I've worked in retail the last 2 years and I honestly think people are so ignorant around this time, same goes with Black Friday... Wait, weren't you just "thankful" for everything you have and then next day you punch someone in the face for a marked down big screen at Wal-Mart? Not the subject, but I hate that "holiday" just as much. Anyways, I've heard people complain and yell at me because something wasn't their size or if we ordered it online for them it wouldn't get to them before Christmas. You're buying over $1,000.00 worth of crap for your grandchild but you won't even donate a dollar to the Children of St. Judes?

     What is society teaching this generation? To be greedy. To have, have, have and blow money on pointless items.To talk bad about the homeless and drive right past them and flip them off as they stand on the corner of the road with a sign asking for anything. A simple act of kindness could change a person's life. Tis' the season.

Bahhh, humbug!