Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30 Days of Inspiration! Day 1: Sally Mann

     I planned a huge post about everything that happened last year and my images and everything. I made it super detailed - too detailed. I ended up never finishing it because it was just becoming time consuming. I actually haven't even made a blog post in a long time! I wanted to change that! Every day for the next 30 days I will write a small blog about someone that inspires me. Since I do photography, it will most likely be photographers but I may have 2 people a day. Who knows! :D I will be talking about local people I know (or others farther away) or famous people that inspire me!

      Today I will definitely be talking about Photography. One of my all time favorite photographers is Sally Mann. I can't express how much I adore her work! Sally Mann is an American Photographer, best known for her large black-and-white photographs -- at first of her young children, then later of landscapes suggesting decay and death. She uses the Collodion process for her images.

The collodion process is an early photographic process, invented by Frederick Scott Archer. It was introduced in the 1850s and by the end of that decade it had almost entirely replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype.

      If you've ever taken a history of photography class, she is definitely in there and beyond worth getting familiar with her work. I love how her work gets people to talk, how they tell stories, how she portrays her subjects, and mostly how she texturizes her images whether it's on purpose or not.

      I own a few of her books like "At Twelve" and "Immediate Family". Body Farm is another book I hope to obtain soon! Below are a few of my favorite images of hers! You can also check out some of her works on her website. They're definitely not all on there which is a shame because there are many many more beautiful images of hers not displayed there! 

From "At Twelve" 1983-1985

From" Immediate Family" 1984-1991

From "Battlefields" 2000-2003
From "Body Farm" 2000-2001
From "Faces" 2004

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