Sunday, April 19, 2015

30 Days of Inspiration! Day 19: Ewelina Świtalska

I bring to you the wonderful photography of Ewelina! Her work is absolutely beautiful!

1. Introduce yourself and the style of photography you think best represents your work (fashion, conceptual, fine art, dark art, new born, etc.) 

My name is Ewelina and I was born and raised in Poland. I'm 20 years old, currently studying photography. I think that "expressive portraits with a touch of conceptual" is the term that would describe my photos best. I'm still trying out different styles and looking for one to call my own. 

2. How did you get into photography? 

I have always been interested in art. First I started drawing, then writing, but I've always felt that something is missing. Truth be told, my discovery of photography was accidental. I was browsing through various works on deviantArt and came across a portfolio of some conceptual photographer by chance. Never before have I realized that it was possible to create such amazing images through photography. The only contact I had with it before were family photos took during vacation. This made me realize that photography can affect one's emotions in a way that no other field of art can. You can not only show the world around you, but also create your own worlds. 

3. What inspires you as a photographer? 

I seek inspiration in everything! The world is full of inspiration - you just have to open your eyes and look carefully! It can be the simplest of things: the pattern on a dress, the shape of a cloud, a quote from your favorite fairytale. But if I really had to choose one thing that inspires me the most, I'd say: people. Their work and dedication. Their feelings. Their art. Their hopes, dreams and fears. People are also an important element of my works. Portraits have always been my favorite kind of photography and thus they're an endless source of inspiration for me. Feelings and emotions are the main subject of many of my photos. Expressing loneliness and isolation is something deeply important to me. After all, aren't these feelings something we all struggle with at some point of our lives? 

4. What is your favorite photo you've taken and why? 

Difficult question, because this is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. One of the photos that I'm the most proud of is certainly "Lost in a fairytale". It was one of the most stressful photoshoots I've ever had, simply because I've never worked with horses before! I didn't know if I could handle it; after all it's no secret that working with animals is not easy. I was afraid that Picaro would sense my fear and wouldn't want to cooperate. Fortunately, it turned out that he was one of the loveliest creatures I had an opportunity to meet! I like this photo because it represents everything I value in photography the most: simplicity, emotion, story. It also gives the impression of a fairytale world, in which my character seems a bit lost and unsure of herself. It's this type of pictures I've always wanted to create. "Lost in a fairytale" is glowing with purity and harmony, but there is a little bit of darkness hidden deep within. The intriguing type of darkness.
"Lost in a Fairytale"

5. What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? 

I want my works to affect people's emotions, to make them really feel something when looking at the photos. I want the impact to be strong enough for them to stop for a moment and contemplate the picture, instead of just glancing briefly at the photo and forgetting the image a minute later; think, analyze, drink in the unspoken words, and, what is probably the most valuable for me, get inspired. I have discovered that being someone's motivation is the greatest praise an artist can get. 

6. What gear do you use? What's your most used lens and why? 

Currently I'm using a Canon 60d and 1.8 50mm. This set is perfect for me and it offers great opportunities, especially if you are just starting with photography and looking for something inexpensive. It may not be the best, but as a young student I can't really afford more professional equipment. Even though I could definitely use a new lens, I think the 50mm will always be my favorite. I try to make up for any deficiency in equipment with my imagination!

7. Who would you say is your favorite photographer? Why?

Irina Dzhul, Anka Zhuravleva and Robby Cavanaugh are my top 3 photographers. I can't choose just one, because the work of each of them had a huge impact on me and my perception of photography. The stories told by their photos appeal to me on a personal level and dream-like atmosphere noticeable on many of their pictures is very impressive.

8. Have you dealt with any negativity as a photographer, if so, how did you overcome it? 

Apart from my own exaggerated self-criticism? No, not really. I try not to focus on what is negative, because it distracts me from more important things. In the end, photography is what makes me happy and that's all that really matters. 

9. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite? 

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney. I don't think it requires any explanation. If you don't believe in yourself and your dreams, they will never come true.

10. What would be the best advise you could give to someone reading this interview? 

Don't be afraid to fail. No one was born with a camera in their hand. Making mistakes is not a proof of failure - it's a proof of trying new things and never giving up. Learn from them, because they are an important part of the creative process. 

11. Any final words you'd like to say? 

 I'd like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to say something about myself and my art. I've always loved these kinds of projects, but I've never hoped to be a part of one!

Thank you so much for taking time to answer these questions about you and your wonderful art work! I truly enjoyed it all!

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