Thursday, April 2, 2015

30 Days of Inspiration! Day 2: Katerina Plotnikova

Today's inspiration is Katernia Plotnikova! Katernia is a Moscow-Russian based photographer. She was recognized for her beautiful portraits with animals. Not just animals, but live animals at that.

Her work is usually with a lot of neutral tones with a pop of color, but generally her palette is soft and dreamy. What really caught my eye with her work is how she doesn't really use much compositing for her images. While certain things like ropes and cranes are removed from her images, she completely creates everything in on set and in camera. I love seeing her behind the scene images because they're always such a beautiful set up and the ending result is magical!

What makes her such an inspiration to me is that one day I hope to be able to create elaborate sets for my images! I'd love to be able to do everything on set as much as possible. I do love a good composite, but I love when things are there in reality too. It makes it that much more realistic!

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