Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 Days of Inspiration! Day 30: Victor Hamke

1. Introduce yourself and the style of photography you think best represents your work.

 Hi, my name is Victor and I'm a 28 years old guy from Germany. I work as a pro photographer, but the reason for me to be here is my personal Fine Art Stuff. In the best case my work feels emotional and touches you. In the worst case it leaves you untouched. I can't find a singular category for my work, but all my pictures have a dark side. I like fantasy, black romanticism and cyberpunk and some of those ideas can by found in my work.

2. How did you get into photography?

Long story short: I saved some money for eye-surgery and decided otherwise. I spent it on my first camera and from then on fell on love with taking pictures.

3. What inspires your photographs?

As mentioned before, I feel inspired by fantasy, romantic and cyberpunk stuff, but also through old paintings and other artists out there. One have to pay attention to not being influenced too much, because you still want to do something you unique, don't you? :)

4.Where are some of your favorite places to shoot?

In the living room in front of a white wall. You would be surprised how many of my pictures were created there ;) Other than that: In the nature.

5.Do you like to photograph other things, or just your main work?

From this year on, I work as a wedding photographer. Before it was just Fine Art, Portraits and Events. I like the diversity. :)

6. What is your favorite photo you've taken and why?

My favorite picture is almost always my last one, because the sweat and tears of creating it are still present. I'm a perfectionist and I ALWAYS find a flaw – mostly just after uploading it. I try to accept that.

7. What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

Feel touched and experience some kind of connection to what they see. An emotional hollow picture is of no worth for me.

8. What gear do you use? What's your most used lens and why?

I use Fuji cameras for all my stuff – X-T1 and X100T. They are phenomenal workhorses and I love mirrorless cameras. Other than that I occasionally use a Tripod and a reflector.

9. Who would you say is your favorite photographer? Why?

My favorite photographer... hard question but if I was forced to break it down to one it had to be Stephan Vanfleteren, who I consider absolutely talented and to be a very sensitive and kind person.
10. Have you dealt with any negativity as a photographer, if so, how did you overcome it?

Not yet. The feedback is very positive, but I don't consider my work to be very provocative. I once heard it would be blasphemic, but I don't see that.

11. Do you plan on doing anything with your photography or do you shoot just for fun?

I'm planning on doing a living with wedding photography and so far it's looking promising :)

12. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? If so, what is it and why is it your favorite?

I don't think so. :)

13. What is one experience from shoots that you will always remember?

I have plenty of cool memories of my shoots. There were so many funny moments and I always love to laugh with the people I work with. Despite that my pictures have almost always a dark tone to it the shootings themselves are of a very relaxed and happy kind. I love to shoot with my girlfriend, because the atmosphere is so intimate and I just feel different while taking the shots. It is fascination how images change when I begin to edit them. And it even better, if the photographed person sees them and is stunned. :)

14. What would be the best advice you could give to a new photographer?

Always try to improve. You think you master lighting or post or something else? Think again. You will always find something to improve on and that is a good thing. Also don't let that (in my opinion needed) perfectionism take away from your fun. Combine them and you will be better with every picture you take. :)

15. Any final words you'd like to say?

Thanks for taking your time for reading this interview and I hope to see you on one of the many platforms out there :) All the best from Germany

Thank you so much for answering these questions and being a part of this little series of mine! :D One thing I've learned from these photographers have been that there are surprisingly more support than I originally believed. I come from an area where people like to compete a lot and sometimes it can get messy and a lot of negativity happens. I'm glad to hear that not many people have had to deal with this sort of thing and I hope that continues and the positive community grows even more! I originally got into photography to express myself and to connect and grow with other like-minded individuals, not compete, and sometimes I think people distort everything into it having to be a competition in order to survive when that's not the case at all. I hope that you and anyone else reading these blogs will be blessed with lots of positivity during their photographic/ artistic journey! I mentioned in a blog that I actually ended up having more than 30 photographers wanting to participate, so I will continue to post these features until all the people that replied have been highlighted! :)

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